1. Lime based product suitable for all types of utensils.
  2. Cleans all the oil and greasy stains.
  3. It’s gentle on Hands and gives a long lasting effect.
  4. Prevents scratches on utensils.
  5. Leave no residue on the dishes.

Available in :

250 ml
500 ml
1 ltr
5 ltr

Introducing Eagle Dishwash the ultimate solution for sparkling clean dishes and a refreshing citrus scent that will invigorate your kitchen. Say goodbye to grease and tough stains as this powerful formula cuts through dirtwith ease, leaving your dishes gleaming and smelling delightful. With the natural power of lemon, this dishwashing liquid not only cleans effectively but also leaves behind a lingering freshness that will captivate your senses.


Experience the convenience of Eagle Dishwash as it effortlessly removes even the most stubborn food residue, saving you time and effort at the sink. The gentle yet effective formula is suitable for all types of dishes, from delicate glassware to sturdy cookware, providing a thorough clean without damaging surfaces or leaving behind any residue. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that this product is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it a guilt-free choice for both your home and our planet.


In addition to its exceptional cleaning power, Eagle Dishwash  boasts an uplifting fragrance that transforms mundane dishwashing into an enjoyable sensory experience. The zesty aroma permeates every corner of your kitchen while you wash up, infusing the air with an invigorating burst of lemony goodness.


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