1. Highly Concentrated germs killer for long lasting effects.
  2. One part of cleaner is mixed with 100 – 200 parts of water and the emulsion is used to clean.
  3. Widely used in Hospitals, Homes, Veterinaries, Railways etc.

Contences :

450 ML


Introducing the powerful cleaning solution in order to revolutionize your household protection – Eagle Black Phenyl. This fairly focused disinfectant now not only smooths the ground but also leaves a refreshing aroma that lingers for the day. With only a small amount jumbled in water, Eagle Black Phenyl may be used to clean floors, tiles, and other surfaces effectively. The deep black colour of this amazing cleaner signifies its power and effectiveness in tackling tough stains and odours.Its multi-surface talents make it perfect to be used in lavatories, kitchens, or even outdoor areas. Say goodbye to lingering odours and hi there to lengthy-lasting freshness as Eagle Black Phenyl removes foul smells at their source while leaving in the back of a pleasant fragrance. Moreover, the added gain of Black Phenyl being a green formulation guarantees that you may acquire cleanliness without harming the surroundings.Its biodegradable houses make it secure to be used around children and pets, providing peace of mind for all contributors to the family. Experience the transformative electricity of Eagle Black Phenyl – a versatile cleanser that can provide excellent consequences every time.


Introducing Eagle Lemfresh, with the power of lime, the best solution for keeping your home fresh, sparkling and shiny!Say goodbye to unsightly odours and howdy to a revitalizing burst of citrusy perfume. This effective phenyl is designed to do away with malodors, even infusing your area with a pleasing lemon scent that lingers for hours.Eagle Lemfresh uses a superior smell-neutralizing era to address even the toughest lingering smells, leaving in the back nothing but a clean aroma; with its lengthy-lasting components, Eagle Lemfresh guarantees that your areas stay inviting and free from undesirable odours for the day. The zesty lemon perfume creates an uplifting atmosphere that uplifts moods and rejuvenates your senses.


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