1. It’s a pine based concentrated products.
  2. Suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces.
  3. Leaves a very pine and minty smell in the environment.
  4. Widely used in Hospitals, Homes, Veterinaries, Railways etc


Available in :

200 ml
450 ml
1 ltr
5 ltr

Introducing Eagle Aromax Floor Cleaner – the final answer for pristine, spotless flooring that exudes a delightful fragrance.

Say goodbye to hard stains with this powerful cleanser that leaves in the back of a refreshing fragrance. Unlike other ground cleaners, Eagle Aromax not only cleans but also deodorizes your floors, leaving them smelling as clean as they appear.

Its precise formulation quickly removes dirt and leaves a protracted-lasting aroma, making your home or workspace feel like a sanctuary of cleanliness.

Experience the benefit of effortlessly cleaning multiple surfaces with one product, including wood, tile, laminate, and extra. Eagle Aromax is designed to provide maximum cleansing energy while mild on all flooring.

The remarkable perfume lingers inside the air long after cleansing, developing inviting surroundings at some point in your space or workplace.


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