1. Better cleaning
  2. Removes toughest stains
  3. Gives a sparkling shine
  4. Fights odor

Available in :

250 ml
500 ml
1 ltr
5 ltr

Introducing the Eagle Super Toilet Cleaner – the ultimate solution for a glowing, e and scent-unfastened lavatory experience. Say goodbye to cussed stains, lime build-up, and unsightly odours with this effective system penetrating deep into the bathroom bowl, leaving it pristine and fresh.

With its revolutionary cleaning movement, this pinnacle-tier cleaner easily removes even the hardest dirt, restoring your lavatory to its original shine. The Eagle Super Toilet Cleaner efficiently removes dirt, microorganisms, and leaves in the back of a clean perfume to revitalize your entire restroom surroundings.

The advanced formulation ensures lengthy-lasting cleanliness by preventing the build-up of stains and residue, providing peace of mind and understanding that your bathroom is thoroughly disinfected with each use. Save time and effort with this reliable purifier that calls for minimal scrubbing while handing over most effects.

Experience the power of Eagle Super Toilet Cleaner’s cutting-edge technology because it effectively continues hygiene in one of the most used regions of your private home. This ought-to-have product is designed to make your cleansing recurring easier than ever, offering a spotless finish on every occasion without dangerous chemicals or overpowering smells.

Choose excellence on your family maintenance desires – pick Eagle Super Toilet Cleaner today!


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