1. Concentrated germs killer for long lasting effects.
  2. Widely used in Hospitals, Homes, Veterinaries, Agriculture, Railways etc. to keeps diseases away.
  3. One part of cleaner is mixed with 100 – 200 parts of water and the emulsion is used to clean.

Available in : 250ml, 450ml, 5ltr & 5ltr


Introducing Action Phenyle, the ultimate solution for a smooth home cleaning. With its effective formulation, Action Phenyle correctly removes dirt marks, leaving your surfaces glowing clean and safe on your family.

Say goodbye to lingering odours and difficult stains as Action Phenyle effects cuts through grease and dust simply. Not only does Action Phenyle supply unbeatable cleansing energy, but it also offers a refreshing fragrance that invigorates your living areas.

From kitchen countertops to lavatory tiles, this flexible product tackles all surfaces with precision, ensuring hygienic surroundings throughout your home. Additionally, its brief-acting system saves you time and effort throughout your cleansing habitual – truly practice it at the preferred place and watch because it rapidly lifts away even the maximum stubborn residue.



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