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Introducing the revolutionary EAGLE DISHWASH powder, your secret formula for glowing smooth dishes! Say goodbye to stubborn grease and food residue with this powerful and green method. EAGLE DISHWASH powder is infused with the uplifting scent of sparkling lemons. Every wash leaves your dishes smelling as pleasant as they appear.

The concentrated nature of our EAGLE DISHWASH powder goes a little further, saving you time and cash in the end. Not only does EAGLE DISHWASH powder leave your crockery and cutlery gleaming, but it also enables you to defend your surroundings. Our green formula is biodegradable and loose from harsh chemicals, making it secure for you and the planet.

Whether tackling crusty casserole dishes or delicate glassware, this versatile product promises exquisite consequences without leaving any ugly streaks or residues behind.

Join the infinitely glad customers who’ve made EAGLE DISHWASH powder an essential part of their kitchen cleansing these days!Features

  1. Available in pouch.
  2. Economical and eco friendly product available on Lime Flavour
  3. It’s gentle on the hands and gives a long lasting effect.
  4. Prevents scratches on utensils.
  5. Leave no residue on the dishes.


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