1. Available in pouch.
  2. Economical and eco friendly.
  3. Aloe Vera Flavour which gives a long lasting effect.
  4. It gives a very soft and a gentle touch to the hands.
  5. Mix the powder with 200ml clean water in a bottle


Available in :

6 gm

Introducing the innovative Eagle Hand Wash powder – a game-changer in public hygiene. Experience this modern product’s extraordinary comfort and cleanliness that mixes influential cleaning retailers with gentle, nourishing ingredients.

With its green formula, Eagle Hand Wash powder is not the most effective and secure for your skin; however, it additionally supports sustainability by decreasing plastic waste normally determined in liquid soaps.

The precise blend of natural exfoliants in Eagle Hand Wash powder gently removes dust, leaving your palms feeling warm and clean. The fresh scent invigorates the senses, creating a spa-like experience each time you wash your fingers.

Furthermore, its compact packaging makes it a great travel companion or addition to any household seeking to limit litter.

This flexible product can be used anywhere – from home lavatories to outside adventures – ensuring clean and healthy hands anywhere you pass.

Say goodbye to dry, irritated pores and skin resulting from harsh chemical-laden hand washes, and say hiya to the future of hand hygiene with Eagle Hand Wash powder!


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