1. Available in Rose, Lemon & Aloevera avours.
  2. It gives a very soft and a gentle touch to the hands.
  3. Gives a long lasting effect.
  4. Widely used in Hospitals, Homes, offices etc.

Available in :

250 ml
500 ml
1 ltr
5 ltr

Introducing Eagle Hand Wash Liquid Providers – the best solution for smooth, nourished hands. Our hand wash is crafted with a gentle method that efficaciously removes dust and bacteria without stripping away natural oils or causing dryness.
Enriched with moisturizing ingredients, Eagle Hand Wash is now not the most effective cleanse; it hydrates your skin to maintain it wholesome and supple.
Our hand wash’s refreshing, heady scent leaves your hands smelling delightful long after you’ve washed them. Experience the luxury of Eagle Hand Wash as it lathers into a wealthy foam that efficiently cleanses each corner and cranny of your fingers.
Say goodbye to tough, dehydrated skin as our hand wash pampers your hands & fingers with its nurturing blend of botanical extracts. With a refreshing aroma that uplifts your senses, washing your arms becomes a rejuvenating revelation that leaves you feeling revitalized whenever.


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